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Adult Health & Wellbeing Coaches

Health and wellbeing coaches provide an effective intervention for improving self-management by developing people’s motivation, knowledge, skills, and confidence around a variety of issues/conditions. They focus on improving health-related outcomes where lifestyle modification and self-management have a significant impact on outcomes and prognosis, by working with the person to set and achieve personalised goals.

They support people by:

  • Focusing on their clinical and non-clinical needs and factors that may be impacting on their health and wellbeing
  • Working in partnership with them to guide and support them to meet their self-identified short and long-term goals
  • Empowering them to understand their own strengths and unlock their potential to self-manage their condition/situation
  • Supporting them to strengthen life skills, such as emotional regulation and executive function
  • Enabling them to sustain healthier lifestyle choices and improve health and wellbeing outcomes, sometimes while they wait to access other services

Helping them take steps to prevent long-term illness and prevent conditions from escalating.

Care Coordinators
Care co-ordinators help patients navigate the health care system and aid them to make the right connections, with the right teams at the right time. They advocate for patients and promote shared decision making to help patients be more active in their healthcare journey. Care co-ordinators are effective in bringing together multidisciplinary teams to support people’s complex health and care needs.

If you would like to speak to a care coordinator please contact your registered practice.

Clinical Pharmacists

Our team of Clinical Pharmacists are highly qualified experts in medicines. They can help people in a range of ways, including:

  • Improving patient safety through offering structured medication reviews to patients with long-term conditions and taking multiple medicines
  • Offering a patient-centred approach with an emphasis on shared decision-making and developing a medication plan that is tailored to their specific needs.
  • Working as part of a multidisciplinary primary care team to deliver medicines optimization and offer high-quality, safe, and cost-effective prescribing expertise.
  • Help deliver NHS England priorities and plans for medicines optimisation, health and wellbeing, including Improvements in patient outcomes, safety and wellbeing​ and reducing hospital and emergency department admission.

You can book an appointment with a Clinical Pharmacist by contacting your registered practice. 

Enhanced Access Service
For more information on our Enhanced Access Service please click here.

First Contact Physiotherapy (16+)

Our First Contact Physio service see patients over the age of 16+ with a musculoskeletal problem, such as back or joint pain. Our team of Physios can assess and diagnose musculoskeletal issues, give expert management advice, suggest imaging and refer on to specialists if necessary. Some Physios can undertake joint injections. The Physio team can see any joint or muscle pain, neurological issues and can also refer on for further imaging if needed.

Please note – they do not undertake hands-on manipulation/treatment/acupuncture.

To self-book a Physio appointment online please follow the below instructions:

We kindly ask you to carefully read through this form to ensure you meet the eligibility criteria for an appointment with our First Contact Physio team.  You will need to be registered at one of the following surgeries:

Bancroft Medical Centre
Portmill Surgery
Regal Chambers Surgery
Whitwell Surgery

*16+ Years of age
*Any joint or muscle pains, injuries etc
*Neurological issues
*MSK conditions
*Sports injuries

*Chronic pain patients
*Offering of “treatment” like massage/acupuncture
*Acute systemic illness
*Age 15 and under
*Acute mental health crisis

If you meet the above criteria please email hwpcn.admin@nhs.net to receive a self-bookable link.


Neurodiversity Social Prescribing Link Workers (0-16 years)

The aim of the Neurodiversity Social Prescribing (NSP) service is to improve the experiences of families with children and young people (0-16 years), who are potentially neurodiverse.  NSPs work with families/young people to help identify need, and access practical and emotional support by assisting with referral pathways and connecting to appropriate community support. 

A holistic approach to supporting the whole family is offered, with time given to focus on what matters most to the family. This might include support with referral form completion, signposting to voluntary sector services, listening to worries or concerns, and supporting understanding of neurodiversity. Families can be connected to activities and groups in the community to meet practical, social and emotional needs to improve health and wellbeing. 

Our team of Neurodiversity Social Prescribers can support:

  • Suspected neurodiversity in 0-19s (diagnosis not required) 
  • Accessing neurodiversity referral pathways 
  • Families/young people seeking support and advice for neurodiversity 
  • Access to parent/carer support groups, courses and workshops  
  • Access to groups for neurodiverse children/young people 
  • Connections to support for benefits  
  • Carer support (for carers of neurodiverse 0-19s) 
  • Discussion of neurodiversity-linked concerns raised by early years or education setting 

Families can get in touch with their surgery reception and request a referral to the Neurodiversity Social Prescribing service. 

Neurodiversity Leaflet

Sleepstation Insomnia Service (18+)

Sleepstation is a clinically validated sleep improvement programme that can help you sleep better after just four sessions. Designed by experts and backed by science, our online sleep service is proven to combat even the most severe insomnia. Our team of coaches, doctors and sleep experts will help you identify the underlying causes of your sleep problem and provide the personal support needed to improve your sleep. We deliver remote care with a personal touch and that’s what makes our service so effective. 

Sleepstation can support patients who:

  • Have difficulty falling asleep 
  • Have difficulty staying asleep (waking up during the night and having trouble returning to sleep) 
  • Are waking up too early in the morning 
  • Un-refreshing sleep (also called “non-restorative sleep”) 
  • Have sleep problems lasting longer than four weeks with impact on next day function 
  • Suffer with low mood and associated sleep disturbance 
  • Would like to taper off hypnotic medications

You can be referred to this service by your GP as well as self-referring. Self-referrals are accepted following completion of an online form which can be accessed via the Sleepstation website https://www.sleepstation.org.uk/start-now/

Social Prescribing Link Workers (18+)

What are the things that are important to you at the moment? How can I support you? 

Social Prescribing Link Workers ask these kinds of questions to offer the kind of help that doesn’t come in a tube or bottle. They support with practical and emotional issues and focus on what matters to you. They encourage and empower you to take control of your wellbeing and seek your own solutions, working with you to decide goals. They consider the knowledge, skills, interests, and social connections that give you purpose, and connect you to relevant community activities and services. Our team of Social Prescribing Link workers can support patients who, are feeling lonely or isolated, need support with social needs such as housing, finance, domestic violence,  need support with long term conditions or need support as a carer.

If you are struggling with daily activities you can also contact Adult Care Services for support on 0300 1234042.

GRIT - Young People’s Health and Wellbeing Coaching (11-24 years)

Growing Resilience in Teens (GRIT) is a registered charity dedicated to supporting young people’s mental health through group boxing and 1:1 coaching in Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire.  Our services are available both in school and outside of school hours depending on the needs of the young person.

We support young people from ages 11 – 24 through 1:1 Coaching and Group Boxing Sessions.  Please visit www.gritcharity.org to access our services.

“The support from GRIT has helped me be able to talk more openly about how I feel about certain things, and how I can manage stress.” – Young person

At the core of our work is a unique process, the ‘Four Corners Method’ which utilises the power of non-contact boxing, boxing metaphors and coaching concepts to empower young people to develop their own identity, from which comes self-esteem, resilience, and the ability to use adversity as a platform for growth.

“Coaching helped me think about the next step and be able to communicate my feelings a bit better than before. Gradually, I felt more comfortable engaging with [the coach] and letting her know about what I was struggling with.” – Young person

We aim to provide a safe and supportive environment to empower young people to take full responsibility for their lives and the lives they want to lead, through our coaching methodology blended with physical activity. With this embodied coaching approach we aim to create resilience, self-confidence, and emotional wellbeing among young people. GRIT aims to make a lasting impact on the mental health and wellbeing of young people and support them to navigate the challenges of adolescence, build a strong foundation for adulthood and lead fulfilling lives that are true to their authentic selves.

“I lacked confidence and was anxious about transitioning to secondary school. I went on to attend every single one of the workshops GRIT provides. Over the course of these workshops, I have grown in confidence and by the end of my time I become a volunteer helper in the sessions. My anxiety has reduced, and I am more confident about my transition to secondary school. Thank you, GRIT, for all your help and support.”

Charity Number: 1176272

For more information please see details below:




For more information on any of our services please contact your registered practice or email hwpcn.admin@nhs.net

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